It is located between 116° 40', and 126° 34' E. longitude and 4° 40' and 21° 10' N. latitude and borders the Philippine Sea on the east, the South China Sea on the west, and the Celebes Sea on the south.found in the Philippines.Most of the mountainous islands are covered in tropical rainforest and volcanic in origin. Here are the list of volcanoes found in the island of Philippines

Subaqueous Volcano

        A Subaqueous Volcano is a volcano formed beneath water (similar to submarine volcanoes) and never builds above lake level. They are commonly in the form of gently sloping tuff cones, although they can sometimes have an unvolcano-like form, such as White Horse Bluff in the Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field of east-central British Columbia, Canada.
         The Wells Gray region of east-central British Columbia is a volcanic field made up of numerous, small, basaltic volcanoes. Individual volcanoes have been active for at least the last 3 million years during which time the region was covered by thick glacial ice at least twice, prior to the well known Fraser Glaciation (also known as the 'Wisconsin Glaciation'). Volcanic eruptions underneath and through the thick blankets of glacial ice produced numerous unique glacial volcanoes and deposits, including one explosive, subaqueous volcano, five tuyas, at least one subglacial mound, and numerous, thick, valley-filling deposits of volcanic rocks.

        Between the periods of glaciation, the volcanoes continued to erupt and filled river valleys with many layers of basaltic lava flows. The valley-filling flows, now incised by rivers, have created a unique landscape of steep, narrow valleys and numerous waterfalls. A particularly beautiful waterfall is the 142 m (465 ft.) high, free-falling Helmcken Falls. Its beauty and that of the surrounding area prompted the provincial government to set the area aside as a park in 1939.